Monday, March 13, 2006

So a fun day at the New Life Office today, I'm sure. Mail migration and all that fun associated stuff :) .... After that I'm (well, I think I am) hanging out with Kim, Becca, and Nathan at IHOP or something and then headed up to PA.... I have to meet with my lawyer tomorrow.... I wanted to ski too but Hidden Valley is closed until Saturday..... Speaking of which its going to be 81F today.... WTF? Where did spring go? :)

And so starts another day.... I'm feeling alot better both emotionally and physically. Still have a bit of a sore throat but I can deal with that. Alot of the things that were really bugging me over the weekend have been resolved.... Wish I could have made church yesterday but I was so sick yesterday morning I couldnt even stand up..... And I'm going to miss my life group tomorrow night since I'll be in PA..... but at least it'll be nice to visit PA.... Maybe I'll get to see Eli!

Well, everyone.... have a great week! :)

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