Monday, March 06, 2006

So Tiff leads me on again...... Why cant I just freaking learn?

She's in a relationship now.... Thats not the bad part.... the thing is that she said things to just keep me hanging on thinking that she wanted to talk to me and try to work things out and said that she didnt want to be with me right now but that possibly in the future..... I dont think the girl has told me the truth a single time.... Yet, I keep wanting to believe.... I've been moving on and I've been doing ok.... and I'm still ok.... but it just sucks that she lied again... Maybe not outright lied but she hid the truth from me.

Why cant people just say the truth and be up front? I'm not a perfect person in any way.... and I was most likely the worst boyfriend to Tiff that anyone could ever have had... but I *ALWAYS* told her the truth.... even if it sucked.... she always knew what I was feeling.... and yet, I cant believe that she ever told me the truth at all.... Mind games is all the girl is into.... and yet she is so cute and so sweet that she gets away with it.

My life goes on.... its on her head, not mine.

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