Thursday, March 16, 2006

I finally found an Anti-Spyware program that I support (other than the Spybot and SpywareBlaster programs I have been supporting). Its only $20 for a year license (and right now you can get 2 licenses for $30). So check it out and buy it! It definately makes a great impact in keeping your computer clean.

SunBelt Software - CounterSpy

For those of you that are techies, you may remember the Giant Anti-Spyware product. This was quickly becomming the best program to use for spyware protection.... Microsoft quickly bought that company out and re-branded that software as "Windows Defender" (aka Microsoft Anti-Spyware). With this, of course, they watered down alot of the threats because some of the companies that are threats are also Microsoft's Customers and Partners.... The interesting thing is that SunBelt Software was working with Giant on this software package so the system is actually their property as well. Microsoft and Sunbelt have seperated ways but this CounterSpy program is 100% what Giant Anti-Spyware was without the watered down results Microsoft is adding to their version of the program.

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