Saturday, September 27, 2003

Well my computer is reloaded. Now im running Windows XP (oh joy)... I still wish my life was fully linux compatible.... its almost there so who knows I may be going all linux in the near future... especially if windows continues to piss me off like it has been today. I still have quite a few quirks to work out... for one its only letting me use 2 of my 3 monitors... ok so maybe I rarely used the 3rd monitor but I have the hardware to do it so I should be able to do it.. it just bugs me when something on my computer doesnt work. I'm still trying to find a good solution for recording video from my capture device... ive tried many different software programs tonight.... one I really like but the file it records is real jerky.. so that wont work.... but its identical to another program... same problem on that one... im wondering if its something with my computer.... *shrug* ... I really hate computers. oh yea and in other news when I met jim and jason for lunch at computer connections today, jude and wes stopped me and had me go over a letter they got... apparently a customer (from when I worked there) that I installed a network for in March of 2002 is refusing to pay his bill and he claims its because I did not do my job and I was too inexperienced... some people.... it was more an issue of him not telling me exactly what he wanted.... and honestly, if he really had a problem with the work I did, why did he wait until over a year later to bring it up. Oh well... im gonna write a few things down and give to jude so he has something to back himself up.
Not too much else happened today.... time for bed tho. Nite nite!

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