Wednesday, September 17, 2003

I think I might actually head to bed early tonight instead of supporting my addiction to the internet and staying up till 5am. Who knows?
Today was a pretty good day. Days off of work at like that :) and today was extra special because I got to talk to Tiff. I am reminded again how much I love her. Yesterday at work monica asked "is your girlfriend back yet?" She didnt realize that Tiff had just now left for liverpool. After I told her that she just left I began my ever-so-popular story of how tiff is not my girlfriend. Monica simply looked at me and said "she will be" and then explained the absence makes the heart grow fonder story. I hope that she is right. But this is all left up in the air. Its hard to say what is coming in the next few months let alone the next year. I really wish that tiff was around though. She has been on my mind all night. I love her -- that is the bottom line of this blog.

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