Thursday, September 18, 2003

To go to bed, or not to go to bed -- that is the question. I really should go to bed so I can get up early and talk to tiff online... but if I go to bed now I will completely sleep through all of tropical storm isabela (is that how you spell it?). Anyway, I dont know what to do. I really would like to stay up and watch all the fun outside but im kinda tired. Who knows?
I did get to talk to tiff today... it was really nice. I miss her alot. At the same time, im happy to be meeting some new people. Maybe one of those new people will become the one for me... maybe not... maybe tiff will remain. I dont know what I hope for... I just hope God reveals to me whats going on soon. The uncertainty is really hard right now. Well, I think I am gonna go to bed. Good night.

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