Thursday, September 11, 2003

Anyone want a job? Apply at 1079 E Pittsburgh St. - Greensburg, PA. Mention this blog and... well, we'll hire you. I still sometimes sit back and wonder why I am still at pizza hut.... or why no matter what I always end up back at Pizza Hut. Everyone tells me I have more potential than that and I know I do. I could be in the tech industry probably making more money.... but thats not what I want out of life. I love computers... I love working with them, but I dont want to do it professionally.... I want it to remain a hobby. I'm perfectly content at Pizza Hut right now. It is paying the bills and I dont mind going to work. Why should I struggle for "more" .... I'm content where I am. Yes, I do question alot.... I mean... Pizza Hut does not pay alot by far... I make as much as a manager as someone at some other food place makes in an entry level position... but Pizza Hut is part of my life... I enjoy it. *sigh* Maybe others will start to understand. God has a direction for my life... right now I feel like Pizza Hut is where I need to be.... I dont know why... I just really feel good about staying at Pizza Hut.

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