Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Its almost 4am and Im running out of things to do on the net. I guess I might as well just send myself to bed. A few thoughts though:

RIAA: They suck. Its crazy that they are suing 12 year old girls over the swapping of music. Granted, copyright laws need to be enforced but the music industry is not giving consumers an option. They should be embracing this technology and trying to find ways to make money off of it rather than trying to stop it. The technology is here. No matter how hard they try they are not going to be able to stop it. Why not charge $5 a month for a file swapping blanket license and actually give the artists royalties. I think that the RIAA's actions have given me reason not to purchase any more CDs. They dont deserve the money.

SCO: I may not be too well versed on this subject but I think that SCO is trying to cheat their way into profit. In case you dont know, they are suing IBM and other Linux companies because they claim that Unix System 5 code is contained in the Linux 2.4 kernel. For one, SCO just recently received the rights to UNIX, which was first developed (to my knowledge) by AT&T. They simply do not know the history of what they are dealing with. Secondly, they have yet to show code that is in violation. The open source community has the power to fix these problems if only SCO would allow them. They have yet to produce code and when IBM and SGI requested to see the code, SCO told them they were required to sign non-disclosure agreements. This is insane. If their code was violated and entered into the open source community, then that nullifies the need for a NDA. What is there left to protect if this code has in fact been violated? To my knowledge IBM has not signed this. In response, IBM is suing SCO over patent infringements. Come on SCO.... why mess with IBM? Big Blue can make your life a living hell and they probably will. SCO has nothing to gain in this lawsuit. Even if they win they will only kill Linux and allow the open source community to start something else. The image of SCO has been damaged and I doubt they will be able to gain that back.

Last but not least, the ramblings of my head. I really miss Tiffany right now. I know in my last few posts I have wrote some things that may really cause you to question how I feel about her. Maybe I am questioning it myself.... and most of what I said is truly what I feel.... but I really do miss her and I want nothing more than to hold her right now. I hope she is having a fun and safe trip and that her semester goes well. I love you, tiff! I really do.

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