Sunday, September 21, 2003

I got a promising email from tiffany tonight. I guess it kinda cheered me up. I still dont know whats best though. I know that tiffany loves me... at least I think she does... I just dont really understand how I should be handling it. I miss her greatly but I really need to know whether she wants to be with me or not... something that she may not even know her self. I'd love to hear "Bob, ive decided that im gonna break it off with Jim"... then I'd know for sure what she wants. As much as I love her and miss her, I just dont know if I should keep going on like this. *sigh* I wish she wanted to be with me... I really do. Well, I guess she might.... lets say I wish she acted upon it. Well, I'm off to bed. I'm gonna actually try and get up for church tommorow... then I have to work at Greensburg Delivery... gosh I hate working at delivery... I really do.

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