Monday, September 22, 2003

Its 5:40am.... wow.... ok so I wasnt going to stay up late tonight.... not at all.... but I met a really awesome girl online tonight. And we talked... and then we talked.... and then we talked some more.... and now neither one of us want to go to bed.... but since I work tommorow Im kinda forced to leave. *sigh* Its really awesome meeting new people... especially when there is a connection like there was tonight... totally awesome.
Tonight at delivery didnt go too bad... I guess once I get to that place I dont mind it so much... but I would so much rather be at my home pizza hut.
I didnt get to talk to Tiff tonight much but I was talking to her through text messaging for a while. I guess there is a little more promising than there was before. God will work it all out. If Im supposed to be with Tiff, it'll happen... if not, someone else will come into my life.... I'm open to either right now.

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