Saturday, September 13, 2003

I dont know whats wrong with me tonight. I guess im kinda down. I wish I had a commitment in my life. I crave so badly having that one special girl in my life and it just never seems to work out for me. Its always one thing after another. I want so badly to get married and start a family but it just seems that that is never going to happen. I'm tired of being alone. I want someone. Im talking to tiff online right now and im not even... well, im just not there. I often wonder if id be better off just letting it all go. I dont feel like im locked down.... heck, many times I just hope and wish and pray that someone comes into my life so that I can move on. I love tiff, yes, but I just need someone who really truly wants me. I wish she could be that one but it just doesnt seem like she wants to be that one. I dunno. I just really wish that I had a commitment to someone.... something that was more solid.

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