Thursday, September 18, 2003

I have a confession to make.... I lied :) I'm still awake and its 1:30am. I just cant shake this thing they call the internet.... maybe DSL wasnt such a good idea? hehe Well a neat thing happened tonight.... I got a match! Ok, so part of my internet addiction is .... I have spent an hour straight just rating pictures... and then of course I had to sign up to meet people and then I matched with a REALLY cute girl... ok, I matched with a few cute girls but this one really stood out because her profile just... I dunno she just really struck me... and one of her keywords was "christian" so thats good... and shes from around pittsburgh and how sad am I that im rambling about someone I havent even talked to yet . I guess we'll see what happens... i'll jsut sit here and wait for an email :)

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