Tuesday, September 23, 2003

148, 224, and 184... those were my games tonight. I'm very satisfied. About time I actually start bowling.
Im convinced that no matter what, my life is going to be confusing. Today some VERY promising things happened with Tiff and that, of course, made me very happy. Why is this confusing? Well, I have already begun the job of "looking for someone else" and in that job I have encountered Kelli. She's a very sweet girl and definately someone I'd like to get to know more. Why couldnt things look promising before I started looking. None-the-less, what happens is what happens. I explained to Kelli what was going on.... I dont even know if things would work out that way between me and Kelli... there is potential but Ive only known her like 2 days... so its hard to say. God has been speaking to Tiff... and that really makes me happy.... my concern is that she fully hears God.... when God speaks to her, I think it will answer alot of questions. Maybe Kelli is in my life now to be a very good friend.... which im sure both of us would be content with. We'll see what happens.

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