Monday, August 07, 2006

Today -- or as some would say, yesterday -- was great! Ok, so the maintence window at 2am ended up lasting until about 45 mins ago but we got the network stuff done in the window but the clean up went till about 5 and, well, whenever tomorrow :)

But really, the message at church was awesome... It was about being real and God really really showed me alot and I might blog more about that later. But I got to relax alot and the New Life staff picnic was at 3:30 so I went there and it was a really great time to just relax.

Sometimes God really does something cool to remind you that you are important. I, as well as other staffers, dont know alot of the families so we had a huge group of people that we all didnt know each others names so we basically all went around in a circle and introduced ourselves. When it was my turn I made a joke (geek humor, of course) and Brett (the lead guy) joked back... It was fun, but anyway, I introduced myself and Brett stepped in and said "In all seriousness, Bob is the hardest working staffer/non-staff that I have seen" and everyone there gave me an applause.... Im not looking for credit... I mean, honestly, God is doing it all -- Im just a vessel.... but it really helps to know you are appreciated.... and for me, I think that appreciation means alot more than most people. Tonight I got better than any $60k salary a company could offer me.....

Another cool thing was after I left the picnic, I made a wrong turn but out in the Manassas area, things are really beautiful... I saw a farm up ahead so I just kept driving for about 20 mins and then I turned my GPS on and had it guide me back to Ashburn... If computers can get ticked off, mine was because it kept saying "off route" ... The reason for that was it said to turn 1 mile ahead and I fell in love with the scenary and just kept driving.... so yea, my computer was arguing with me but I just let it.... It had been a REALLY long time since I had just gone through a drive around farm land and trees and little country roads.... Driving by tiny little country houses that you can tell have been around for years.... Small houses is not something you see in Ashburn/Dulles/Etc... It's all about bigger and better.... but in Prince William County, it definately seems that they know the value in the small things.... the things that mean more than anything else.

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