Wednesday, August 23, 2006

This is one of those days that everything just breaks -- including me.

My email should be working again. It seems the spam filtering service that I use for is, at times, filtering more than spam :) So the mx records have been changed and I will have to start looking for another solution.

I could list a lot of other things that broke or are still broke, but I won't.

I went to the doctor again. We are going to try another anti-biotic..... I'm tired of being misserable. The good news is I may have finally found a doctor that cares! I saw Dr Cooper today and I talked to him about other things and he agreed that there is no need for me to be going to a psychiatrist... Thank God! That's about $30 a month saved and the gas to drive to manassas.... Plus the fact that I don't have to waste the time.

Ok... Dinner time... Then its back to cleaning up technical nightmares.

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