Thursday, August 24, 2006

It's incredible. Some who have been around my blog for a year may remember the situation last year when I cut myself in PA and had to go to Latrobe Hospital and they severly messed up my finger. In that situation I went to UPMC Presby for a second opinion. I just got a call that brought a lot of relief. Yesterday United Healthcare posted payment to that account. In one week it would have been a year. There have been letters and phone calls flying back and forth over that situation the entire year.

It just boggles my mind at how insurance companies handle things. The sad part is it was only a $400 bill. To me, thats a good chunk of change, but to an insurance company, I'm sure that's nothing. I actually have to say that I'm pretty happy with Kaiser -- but anything is better than MAMSI/Optimum Choice/United!

Sometimes I wish Geico had health insurance. They are one insurance company that I have really liked dealing with.

Anyway, lots to do today.... the world doesnt stop when your sick, I've learned :)

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