Wednesday, August 30, 2006

There is something I dont understand. How is it that someone can be so against you before they know anything about you? I also dont understand how it is that so many things stand in the way of love... like they are more important than love. In 1 Corinthians 13, Paul tells us that the most important of all these is love. I believe that to mean that love will conquer all and when you love someone, nothing can come between you. This isnt just true in romantic relationships but in friendships as well. How can you tell someone you love and care about them and yet something stands in the way.

What I really can't understand is.... why me? What is it about me that people dont like? Well, I guess its even more confusing because people hate me before they even meet me.... what's up with that? Why is this such a recurring nightmare for me? Why is it the same thing over and over again?

But I digress.... I'm stepping back and looking at the situation. God is working on something great. God has completely turned me around in less than 2 weeks time and the natural result is that satan is going to be ticked. But I can't sit back and just let him win. I will fight with all I have to see that which God is working on come to pass. I can come out of this alive and on top. The only prayer I have is that I'm not the only one fighting... That would be fine if this was a battle for one but when it's a battle for two, the other person has to fight as well.... and it has to be a battle that is worth fighting to them.

No matter what happens, God is with me... He brought me to this place for a reason. I may cry myself asleep again tonight but its not for no reason at all. I wish that this pain was not something I have to endure -- but if this is God's will, who am I to judge?

Please keep me in your prayers. Please keep Kim in your prayers. Pray that God's will be done.

"You're my soulmate, unless this takes work"
-- From a parody song by Dan Smith attacking what the world views love and marriage as

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