Tuesday, August 29, 2006

For whatever reason, I'm pretty down. I noticed that this afternoon I didnt have the ambition that I usually had. Then late in the afternoon and early evening, I started getting a bit of a headache. Now I just want to go to sleep... which is kind of odd for me at this time of day...
I'm kind of confused actually.... when I woke up I was so happy that I was laughing for no reason.... I'm actually kind of wondering if it has anything to do with switching from Adderall to Adderall XR. I guess if you do the math, 20mg at one shot twice a day is alot more than 20mg released a little bit at a time through the day. So if my assumptions are correct, I'm actually only getting half of what I was getting. I emailed my doctor so I guess I'll see what happens. I have some regular Adderall left so I'll probably just take that tomorrow.
Anyway, I should get this work done and get home and start a new day tomorrow. There are lots of REALLY good things happening in my life right now... No time to be down, right? :) Tomorrow will be a new day and things will be great. I just have to stay reading the Word like I have been the last little bit... that will be the key!
Anyone who says a few prayers for me, thank you very much!

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