Tuesday, August 29, 2006

ADHD Adults and Relationship Issues

I have been spending a little time doing some research on ADHD because when I feel a certain way, I always want to know why. I guess, in a way, I'm kind of like the kid that wants to know how everything works.
At any rate, I ran across this link which has some information that really is kind of making me realize why sometimes I get frustrated at work.... What this guy writes actually helped me understand alot more in many areas of my life.
The thing that really jumped out at me is when he writes that it was so much easier for him when he had a list of what is expected of him... And I have to say, thats the way I feel. If I have a list of things to do or notes on the way someone wants me to behave, things go alot smoother... whats worse is when someone doesnt tell me or explain to me that they are upset with something I am doing.
I guess the thing is that if I have something tangible in front of me, I have a much better shot at everything going alot smoother.
I guess something that also kind of makes sense is why I have some trouble in friendships and relationships... It is very evident that God has made some huge changes in my life and all of these are definately for the better. He also has put someone in my life that genuinely cares about me and that I am able to totally trust. I think some really really good things are ahead but I also think that there may be a few rough times too. Any changes at all -- whether good or bad -- can be tough. Add to that the fact that satan doesnt want to good that God is doing to be easy... but one thing that is for certain when you are being attack -- It almost always means that God is doing something, or is at least going to do something, really awesome.

I would like to ask for your prayers. There are some great things (and person) in my life right now and I dont want to screw anything up.

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