Saturday, August 19, 2006

Banks suck!

I will soon be switching banks after this -- and it's sad because Wachovia has never been an issue but this is really upsetting. I made an error in my checkbook and missed an amount less than $10. I admit this was my error and I should be responsible for some NSF fees, however, the bank never turned off my check card. They said that a courtesy to me, they allowed me to continue using my check card and create a larger negative balance. Long story short, their "courtesy" to me results in $490 in fees for a less than $10 mistake. Additionally, I had a deposit that was processing but credited a day late. After arguing with them they refunded some of the fees but I am still out more than $200. I admit that this is my error but there are 2 things that I expect a bank to do: 1> Notify me that I'm overdrawn and 2> Stop letting me use my check card. There is no bank courtesy in letting someone go deeper into a negative balance -- it's nothing more than a scheme to make more money. I cant imagine anyone that would feel this to be a courtesty.

How often do banks try to get people to use their check cards more and more. They make money off of those transactions. I use my check card for everything and I have been punished for doing it.

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