Thursday, June 23, 2005

Well I am in the air right now on my final flight... And of course this is lagged because I can't turn my transmitter on and post this until we touch down.... So really, if your reading this, I have arrived at Dulles International.

Some might question why I went through all of this for a two hour experience.... Its quite simple.... God led me. And looking back, at the end of this trip I am a better person because of what God did for me and in me while I was in Texas.

But why did I go so far and push myself to do more than I had to? That really is quite simple too... Carpathia deserved it. They were understanding of me taking personal time and when I broke the news to them that I had flight problems and would be in to work tonight the response I got was a "thanks for letting us know". There was no argument. Did I have to go on such little sleep (since 7am wednesday I have had no more than 6 hours of sleep and will not sleep again until at least 3am tonight. No I don't have to but I want to. There may have been issues here and there but I am not going to reduce myself to working half a**ed. Its not me... If I have something to do I will give it all I have... And I see that being true until the day I die. This is how God wants us to live.... He made that very clear in His word. It is important to serve those who we work for.

Its been rough but at the end of all of this I am realizing how much God honors the times we follow Him. I haven't had even so much time as to eat except a small meal on the plane last night and a very small meal at a&w today... And I won't eat again to tomorrow.... And yes I am sleep deprived but its not to mean that I am a better person... Just that followed Gods will.

God has been blessing me so much. Providing the finances I need little by little.... When Tiff broke up with me I thought that I lost most of my support that meant the most to me.... But I put it in Gods hands and I met an awesome friend named Beth. Where is Tiff in my life and will she come back? I dunno... Where is Beth? I dunno. I just know that He provided my needs: a strong and supportive FRIENDSHIP. Where God leads all of this is in His hands.

So now.... On with normal live until God gives me my next "mission"

Thank you everyone for your prayers. They truly are evident.

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