Thursday, June 16, 2005

Life is a very crazy thing. We go through something and we build extremely good memories... and then we move on. Sometimes we move on by our choice and other times we move on because we are forced to. It's tough dealing with leaving the past behind.... and the thing is, I am dealing with leaving ALOT of past behind me. It could be good and bad. Within the last year my life has so drastically changed courses in so many ways and in so many different times that it is not even funny. Look back through the pages of my blog and you will see how drastically those things changed. Remember that there was Computer Connections, there was Elite Internet, there was Tanya, and of course there was Tiff multiple times. I moved to Virginia which drastically changed things..... before that I was finally diagnosed with ADHD and put on the right track to recovery/coping..... Tiff and I again..... so many drastic, drastic changes.... and now Tiff has left me and Im getting ready to make another very large leap in the employment end of things.... and there are alot of people that I am leaving behind... All I can really do is treasure the memories that I have built in every situation and keep those with me the rest of my life.

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