Saturday, June 25, 2005

Here is an edited version of an email I sent to someone. I think it's important for everyone to understand what is going on here as best as they can. Please follow the following links for reference to what this is regarding:

-- Begin Email Message --

Well, Looks like you’re the first person to bring to my attention the next step of Microsoft trying to stop piracy. They really get on my nerves with this stuff…. I understand the whole idea of them wanting everyone to legally own their software, but at the same time they kill the growth of technology and innovation…. But then again, I guess that’s what Microsoft is all about… Let’s screw over the industry and make things worse for everyone just so we can make money.

At any rate, I need to look into this some more and find out how to get around this “Validate Windows” thing. At this point, what I am seeing indicates that you CAN update your computer without validation. When you get to the prompt about validating windows it should give you an option to say to skip validation. After you skip validation, it will let you download the file. From what I am reading so far, in the future this validation is going to be REQUIRED before you download a file.

For now, try to skip validation and download the file. If it doesn’t work, don’t worry about it. Any legal copy of windows will pass the validation process at the moment but the truth of the matter is that I (nor anyone right now) don’t know what exactly this validation software does so I don’t want to tell ANYONE to run it, whether they have a completely legit copy of Windows or not. The whole idea behind this validation is stupid. They require you to legally own software before you update it – that makes sense…. However, what is horrible is the fact that the updates are designed to prevent security breaches but now they are requiring you to allow Microsoft to being destroying your privacy and breach your security for the sole purpose of preventing people from breaching your security…. I don’t understand how they get away with this crap.

In the next edition, GM will be disabling the brakes automatically on any car that is stolen. Will it prevent some theft? Yes… But how many people will be injured or killed just for the purpose of stopping some illegal activity. Granted, Windows isn’t going to cause any death but there are lots of issues that this could cause… both to valid users and non-valid users of Windows -- some of those issues could be worse than death.

I just wish the world understood how “Big Brother-ish” Microsoft was and what they are doing to literally destroy the industry as well as anyone’s privacy. I am always concerned about what information my computer is sending to Microsoft. There are way too many instances where people have monitored outbound traffic on their computers and watched unknown data be sent to Microsoft. It’s not fair and Microsoft is using their power to destroy our privacy at the same time they promote that they are helping protect your privacy.

In my opinion, the people who do not have a legally registered copy of Windows are safer than those that do. Sure, there is the risk of Windows just stopping to work one day – but Microsoft has less of an idea of who that person is and what they do, which to me, is a worthwhile trade off.

Someday the world will adapt to running Linux and we will be much better off…. I’ve never really recommended it to most people I know simply because its not mainstream… but after reading up on this Validation program, it might be time for everyone to start kicking in.

-- End Email --

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