Sunday, June 19, 2005

Alot of good has been going on... and I've been growing and learning.... but this post is to ask for everyone to pray for me. Im in a financial struggle right now..... I'm continually praying that God provides this other job for me but at the current moment I'm in a tight position. Im way behind on my cable bill and still need to get my car inspected, registered, and pay my taxes on it before the end of the month... not to mention I'm supposed to meet with a psychiatrist on Tuesday and my insurance barely covers that. I know that God will provide... He provided me with a car when I needed it and God used one of my best friends to provide money for me to go grocery shopping and to keep up on some things I needed to pay..... I know that He will provide..... I just could really use some prayer regarding it.... I'm doing my best not to let this get me stressed out and to keep focused on the fact that God will provide.

Thanks everyone for your prayers!

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