Friday, April 15, 2005

Tonight I learned more than I ever possibly dreamed that I could.

First... Beaster died on Tuesday... Wednesday I bought a 87 Cavalier and started driving it to my apartment and a hose blew and blew the head gasket.... I was screwed.... ended up back in PA after work and planned on bringing my sister's car down to use for a little while.... Woke up in the morning and someone offered to buy me a car.... Yes, God works amazing things sometimes.... as did He tonight too. So tonight I bought a '93 Saturn SL1. It is an amazing car. I drove it down here tonight and it ran so well.

So... the 87 Cavalier... Very nice Z24 model.... incredible shape.... had it in a garage around the corner to get it checked out.... they did a pressure check and found that the head gasket is blown.... so there is no one on the roads now at 1:30am, right? So yea, I decide to go pick it up now... since it's not holding water I need to get it to my apartment and parked ASAP. But in all this I find out that the guy that worked on my car is part honest and part crook.... got a second opinion so we're gonna find out more tomorrow. I get in the car and go..... find out the hard way that the road I live on is a 25mph speed limit.... never really payed attention.... sure enough... sirens and lights.... I'm like, what else can happen... so my goal is to get the car to the back of the lot and get it parked because if I idle that thing its gonna die on me..... the cop hits his siren as I'm driving back so I turn on my 4-ways to acknowledge that he is there..... I pull into the lot and the officer comes around and tells me he clocked me at 40 in a 25.... I explained to him the situation and that I had just moved here and really wasnt aware that it was 25.... he verified this by looking at my license issue date. He said he would be right back with me. He came back and said he was going to cut me a break and not give me a ticket..... wheewww.... but he made it very plain that almost any other officer would have been "very pissed off" if I would have drove to the back of the lot with them. In Pennsylvania, as long as you acknowledge them, they have no problem letting you get to a certain spot.... apparently this is not true. The officer told me that he understood why but made it very clear that I cant do that again if I ever get pulled over again. I locked up the car and started walking towards my apartment and there was a bunch of people on their balcony. They are like "are you cool?" I'm like yea, he let me go and they all were in total shock.... they asked if they pulled me over because my one headlight was out and I said no it was for speeding. I also told them why I moved to the back of the lot (that the car was about to overheat). Thank God the officer visually saw the steam coming out of the tail pipe... I think that saved my butt... anyway... the people out there were in complete shock.... they said that I should be in jail. They said that Leesburg police will take you to jail if you do not pull over the instant they turn their lights on. In this I found out that the state police are 10 times worse..... So... yea, I should be in jail...... but instead I got away without even a warning. Sometimes God works in mysterious ways..... I have alot of thanking to do :)

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