Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I am really not feeling good.... and its probably most because of stress again. My car really seems like it is going to die.... dad kinda thinks it really just needs replaced but I have no options right now. I found a perfect car on ebay for $575 but I simply cant come up with that money right now.... I just moved and I havent completely got situated yet.... it sounds that on my car a wheel bearing is going.... maybe or maybe not.... but if it is..... im just scared to drive it.... it is theoretically possible that it kicks a wheel out.... I cant afford to have a wreck but I dont know what else I can do but to keep driving it.

I dont know whether to say Sunday was good or bad.... Church was incredible.... after that we had some serious issues at the data center so I had to go in.... stay there for a while and then eventually get chewed out by a customer.... then I do the wrong thing in handling that and get told about that.... I just wanted to cry... all this is happening as my car is about to fall apart.... the computer was doing weird things up until this day but on Sunday it just started making horrible noises out of the front end.... it still is. Eventually tho Keith asked if I wanted to go to the driving range.... I did and eventually starting driving balls apart 100 yds.... that incredible for me... last time I went I could hardly hit the ball. But I was still stressed out..... Keith and I were talking and the subject of bowling came up.... so we decided to go bowling then... got there and found that it was bowl all you want for $8 so we ended up staying till they closed at 12:30. After that we went to dinner.

Monday wasnt too bad but was stressful in some ways. I was fighting with the new computer I was setting up... that stressed me.... then ... well, lets just say another fight..... by the time I went to bed, I just cried myself to sleep......

Woke up today.... not feeling good at all... my head is pounding and my stomach hurts a little.... Im hoping it gets better but who knows.... Im just really scared and stressed.

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