Friday, April 15, 2005

I'm gonna make it right? I've calmed down a little bit... it really helped hearing Tiff's voice and her telling me it's gonna be ok.... I'm scared but I'm trying to maintain myself.

Apparently I made a big mistake at work again.... I thought I was helping but it seems that I made a mistake.

Please keep me in your prayers.... I know these last few posts probably have you very confused.... there are just a lot of issues right now.... the car I bought is perfect and still was an phenomenal deal... Saturns are good cars.... there are just some very serious red tape and paper work issues that the DMV didnt tell me about when I pre-certified bringing this car down to VA.

I'm trying very hard.... I basically passed out on my living room floor a little while ago but after that I kind of relaxed a little bit. I'm still worked up and have quite a bit of stress but in relation, I'm feeling better.

I'll make it... somehow I'll make it. God is with me... I dont understand why He has let so much go wrong for me in the last week but I'm sure it will all iron out.

Thank You, God... and Thank You, Tiff.... you are both the loves of my life!

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