Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I'm really frustrated now about a couple things. I finally got to talk to Tiff about this big thing she had to talk to me about that we had to like schedule a time to make sure we talked on the phone about it.... anyway, her counselor suggested us going to couples counseling.... I'd love to and I think its a great idea but neither one of us can afford it.... he apparently is from where she is going to be this summer in Indiana and can get us like a half price thing which is ALOT of money saved but then I would have to get out there to do it.... and that would probably cost me more than I saved... I really want to go visit her out there but the more I think about it and stuff I just dont know how I am going to make it happen..... just time is not on my side..... and we cant get counseling here or up there in lock haven because neither one of us can afford full price for counseling and she has no insurance and mine sucks.... so we're screwed and thats frustrating me to all heck. Another thing that is frustrating me is my phone. I cut my mins down on my Verizon phone because Carpathia gave me 1000 mins on my company phone to use.... so I figured I'd split my phone usage between the two... well, I havent had my sidekick for almost a month now..... and T Mobile is screwing around with getting me a replacement... it sucks pretty bad.... then to top it off with all of the calls Ive been making with all of the disasters happening ... anyway, when I checked about an hour ago I was 55 mins over my plan already.... and Tiff *HAD* to talk to me on the phone about this counseling thing..... I dont understand why it couldnt be typed but whatever.... A few months ago I had an extra phone that I was going to activate on my Verizon account for her because it essentially wouldnt cost me anything and would only save me money because all of our calls between each other would be free.... but of course she refused it.... for some reason its more important to keep a shared plan with Jim.... go figure..... just frustrating.... I dont get it...... But thats ok... because my life is designed to be misserable and difficult and everyone in my life has the strict goal of making it that way.... It's like I'm in a Truman show type thing only the entertainment of this show is just to find out how many ways people can make me frustrated......

Just ARGH!

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