Wednesday, April 20, 2005

It's like 90 outside... insane.... but nice.... I got my fish tank set up last night. I decided that I was going to use tap water instead of bottled water like I had been doing... 55 gallons is alot to carry into my house not to mention buy. It took a long while to fill because I only had a gallon jug so, yea, 55 trips from the sink to the living room.... The temperature actually stabilized last night.... I conditioned it and put salt in it and I also used a good amount of water from my other tanks to jump start the ecosystem.... this morning I decided to put my pleco in it and my loach so they can help start the system as well.... I think that I'm going to move the rest of my fish over tonight and then in a week or two I'll stock it with the new fish I want to get. I also want to get that 10 gallon ready to go up to PA with me on Sunday... I think my Aunt is going to have me set it up for her and we'll get them fish and stuff... it'll be fun :)

Im really in a pretty good mood today but there are some things bugging me.... Tiff told me she has an idea that she wants to talk to me about later in the week... and combining that with her blog, im a little concerned. I just feel so many times that I am a nuisance in her life. She is the perfect woman for me.... but am I really the perfect man for her? I just dont feel like I am... I feel like I am more trouble than I am worth.... but thats enough of that.... thats how I feel but I'm not going to let it ruin my good mood.

Currently I am driving Kari's Honda. Dad is working on getting my Saturn transfered to him so I can legally drive it... should be about a week or so.... I'm also meeting some more people around here.... so thats good. And I should be able to make it to church this Sunday... I'm pretty excited about that... New Life is really neat!

Well, I have to be at work in an hour and I have to make a few stops first so I better get going. Thanks for all of your prayers and your support!

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