Monday, April 11, 2005

Guess it kinda makes sense a little more.... I always wanted to have pictures taken with one of my girlfriends.... no one ever would.... and it's a fight with tiff.... im just ugly and no one wants an ongoing remembrance of me... probably why there is only one pic of me in tiff's room and tons of jim... not because jim means more but because he is more attractive than me.... is that good or bad? I dunno.... but really... im ugly and the sooner i just accept the fact that I am and that no girl will ever be attracted to me, the better.

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DoOfUs125 said...

Bob, I'm saying this because in all honesty I think you need to hear the truth from someone who is willing to be honest to you. I look at your picture in your blog and I don't see this ugliness that you talk about. As a friend, and not in a perverted way, I see a very attractive man in that picture. A man with a good heart and the kindness and love of Christ. I totally understand how you feel when you say you look at yourself in the mirror and what you see is ugliness because I do the exact same thing. I doubt so much that I will ever find someone because I'm not attractive, but in reality I have several girls that flirt with me and that tells me that I am attractive enough for someone to want to be with me. I know you love tiff, but it's a one way relationship if she can't make her mind up on what she wants and until she can she is just going to break your heart bro. I have something else to say, but I'll e-mail you about it.