Sunday, December 14, 2003

Well I am at Lock Haven right now waiting for Kelly's boyfriend to get here and waiting for Lori to finish packing. I'm extremely excited to go skiing.... this is going to be great... I wish I didnt have to drive 7 1/2 more hours to get there tho..... but, it'll be worth it.
I'm really glad that the wedding is over with. It was not good for me to be there. I left the reception at about 3 and got to bed by 3:30 so I got a good 6 hours of sleep in... the good news is that my plan worked well. I was able to stay up all night Friday night.
Another weird thing going on.... my palm has access here at Lock Haven. On T Mobile's coverage map it shows that there is no coverage ANYWHERE around here. I was also talking to Gene when we went to Eat N Park and he has a T Mobile phone and he said that he has yet to find somewhere that it doesnt work... and he drives out of state alot. This could be a good sign! Maybe I'll have access up in NY.... so then, I'll be able to keep posting :) (Steve will be happy).
Well, I'm not gonna post anymore at the moment. I was gonna just whine about the wedding but I decided not to... its over with.... dont care to think about it anymore.

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