Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Microsoft Sucks!
So I get this remote control for my computer (my computer is my dvd player, tv, stereo, etc - so I almost need it). Anyway, it uses a USB receiver to receive the IR signals from the remote. There are 2 USB ports on the back of my computer. Before the remote one went to my USB hub, and the other to my Handspring Sync Cable. Since the remote is more stationary I figured i'd move my handspring to the hub and plug the remote into the USB port on the back of my computer. This is simple, right? The U stands for Universal... meaning that any device can be plugged into any port and it will function. That is, apparently, unless you are using an MS product as your OS. The remote worked fine.... when I went to sync my handspring tonight it failed. It only took me approx 30 mins to get it working. Apparently since I moved USB ports, Windows detected it as a new device. This typically isnt a big deal as you just tell it to look for the drivers and it will find them already installed on the hard drive. Apparently, this is too easy. For some reason Windows would copy the driver files overtop of themselves (this is normal - stupid, but normal) and then tell me that the services were locked and that installation has failed. I turn off HotSync manager... maybe that was locking them? No luck. Ok, so I havent rebooted my computer in well over a week... maybe thats the solution.... no luck.... go into device manager and tell it to show hidden devices.... Handspring doesnt exsist in it. Press the hotsync button and it shows up for a couple seconds and goes away (when the handspring gives up). What the heck? Reinstall the software..... hit the hotsync button..... found new hardware... ok, now we're getting somewhere...... and of course, the service or whatever is locked. The solution? I had to load up the device manager..... press the hotsyn button and immediately right click the handspring device entry and select uninstall before the handspring gave up and the entry dissappeared again... amazingly, I got this on the first shot. After I uninstalled the driver, I then reinstalled it and FINALLY I was able to sync my data....
Ok, as for today.... nothing really exciting. I worked a 2:30-close shift but the day went so long.... normally long shifts seem to go fast for me... I guess because of the attitude that I go in there with... most of the time I would rather work a 10 or 12 hour shift than a 7 or 8. Tonight was just really slow. We forecasted really low and STILL didnt hit sales. Then the carpet cleaners came so I ended up just sitting around waiting for them....
Since I didnt blog last night, I didnt give you my bowling scores... and I know everyone is dying to hear them.... (by the way steve, what have you been doing since I have missed a few posts?) ... I did really well Monday night..... my team didnt..... we won 2 out of the 7 points.... I had a 173, 179, and a 189. I actually probably should have done alot better... I just got tapped alot.... so many 10 pins for me.... oh well.
Anyway, I work a 1:30-close shift tommorrow so I'm gonna get my butt in bed... I wanna get up early anyway so I can talk to Tiff.

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