Tuesday, December 30, 2003

I guess I just had a semi-civil conversation with Tiff. I flat out told her that the words "I love you" from her dont mean anything to me.... I told her not to say them, but she did anyway. I told her that I am willing to forgive.... but she has to take some giant steps to correct things and show me that she really does love me. The way she acted the last few weeks has no evidence of love. I told her that she can still make a decission.... and I am willing to make ammends and start over but I told her that I am not waiting. If she makes the decission in time, great... if not... well, I didnt throw it away.... she did.
Also thanks to Steve (my manager) for putting some things in perspective for me today. Without his talk today, I wouldnt have even been talking to Tiff..... He's about the only person in my life right now that has a positive opinion... and I need that. All of my friends who put Tiff down dont help me at all... they only make me mad at them..... stupid "I told you so" attitudes. God is taking care of this. I dont need someone telling me what I did wrong.... because, in fact, maybe I didnt do anything wrong. Anyway, thanks again, Steve!

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