Thursday, December 04, 2003

For the first time in quite a few months I am not able to fall right asleep. This used to be a serious problem for me but has been under control for a while. I dont think the problem is resurfacing, this is just a bad night. My mind keeps racing about the whole Jason thing. I am really hurt. I keep thinking about what I should do to fix the situation.... but, what can I do? I need to put Pizza Hut above eicomm.... Alot has been going through my mind about it.... Im thinking of telling Jason that he should maybe find someone else to do his contract work. I dont want to do that.... I really enjoying doing the work for eicomm.... and I can definately use the money.... but, I dont want it to get between our friendship. Years ago I lost a best friend over a computer job.... I dont want it to happen again. That other person was not a Christian... Jason is.... so I hope that it doesnt come to that. I just hope that Jason rethinks what he said to me. I dont understand how he can call me unreliable.... I've done alot of work for eicomm.... when customers had problems and couldnt get a hold of jason, I took care of the problem as best I could... or at least calmed the customer down until they could get ahold of jason. Many times he needed something done in a weeks notice and I worked with Steve (my manager) at Pizza Hut to figure out how to rearrange the schedule so that I could help Jason out. I think that Pizza Hut and myself has been extremely fair and accomodating.... but December is just a bad month. I realize that Jason doesnt really understand what its like to work for someone.... especially in the food service industry (in december)..... but I wish he would at least try to understand. This is not my fault... is it? I cant risk my full time job over a one day a month job.... it just doesnt make sense.... but if I lose a friendship over this..... *sigh* I'm gonna go try to sleep some more.

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