Sunday, December 21, 2003

Ok so I am at work and blogging (sorry steve, we're dead and I NEED to blog)

I'm getting really frustrated right now..... I still have not heard from tiff. My mom knew I was down so she called tiff to try to get information to cheer me up. She failed... Miserably. Not only did tiff not really give her any information but there were guys talking in the background. No doubt jim is there.... Which in it's self doesn't bug me but the fact that she was online yesterday and couldn't spend one min to tell me that she loved me.... Everything together bugs me. I don't know the situation but with my history and my luck it would fit for something to have happened between her and jim.... So ok... I'm jumping to conclusions but.... Oh I don't know.... Its just that I deserve it.... I mean I split up tiff and jim... I caused tiff to cheat on jim.... It wasn't intentional but it still happened..... This is killing me. But I deserve it. No I don't know what's going on.... Maybe everything is fine..... I'm just saying I deserve for something bad to happen to me. I hope everything is fine..... But who knows... Maybe her mom is causing problems but if this is the way its gonna be.... Well.... I just don't know how much I can take. I can't wait to get home and sleep... Maybe fit a good cry in too.....

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