Wednesday, December 31, 2003

I'm depressed already..... and I'm not the only one. It looks like the start of 2004 is not gonna be good for any of my family.

My mom planned this big party.... bought all kinds of food... and pretty much everyone backed out on her.... so now we are stuck with alot of food and no one to eat it... and she's stuck with some hurt feelings.... most of the people my mom totally understood why they werent going to come... and even when she asked them they were maybes.... the bad thing was her "best friend" was definately coming and now she made up a story to get out of it... at the last min.....

And then of course me.... this was the night I was supposed to see Tiff. At midnight we were supposed to officially start going out... 2004 was going to start off great for me.... I couldnt wait for it to get here..... now it's here... and I'm heartbroken. I'm really down right now and I desperately need something happy to happen.... I hope things go well at bowling... cuz right now all I want to do is lay on my bed and cry.

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