Wednesday, December 03, 2003

This day has, for the most part, sucked.
I didnt go to lunch with Jim and Jason today because Jason really pissed me off. He wants me to go down to VA for him in the next couple of weeks and it just isnt going to happen. I am finally going on vacation... the first one for me in about 4 years. As a result I had to fight for days off at work... plus for new years eve and day so I could spend time with Tiff. Steve at work has bent over backwards for me and I really appriciate it. I cant request anything else off this month... its the worst month to do anything.... its our busiest. Jason had the chance to have me full time and he passed it up. I'm not bitter over that at all.. it probably all worked out for the best.... but he needs to realize that he doesnt have me full time. He then continue to call me unreliable and then told me that I just didnt want to go down to VA for him. Far from the case. I could use the money and would love to go down there but I cant risk my full time job for a job that I do once I month. I dont want to lose my work for eicomm, but I have to give Pizza Hut the priority. And if Jason gets sore over this, thats just sad. Steve has already changed schedules to free up time for me to go down to VA for Jason. I think that Pizza Hut has been MORE than fair... it just isnt going to work this time... and for him to put words in my mouth... thats just wrong. Jason has said things before that have upset me... the situation with tiff upset me.... but its ok because I understood where he was coming from.... this is the first time that he ever actually hurt me. I'm really upset and crushed at this point. It's not easy when you are hurt by one of your best friends.
That was just the main thing... there are other situations including the present I bought for Tiff, and the vacation it's self.... Lori wants me to request the 20th off too now.... this all goes right back to the Pizza Hut thing.... I cant just ask for another day off... I talked to Steve and he wants me to try everything to work on the 20th... I cant blame him... he's done enough already.... I just hope I'm not pissing him off with this.
I just want to crawl in a hole right now and ignore that people exsist.... I wish Tiff was here... I could really use some time with her.....

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