Sunday, January 14, 2007

Well, I think 12 hours of sleep did me well. Its been a long week physiologically.... I have been on an emotional roller coaster and Ive also been physically not well at times.... I think the physical is creating the emotional, tbh.

This blog post is going to highlight some cool things that I havent really blogged about this week.

First of all, Apple announced the iPhone on Tuesday and in the tech world it's the equivalent of porn - just less evil :) It should be shipping in June from Cingular and it appears to be the best smart phone to date. In Apple's history they don't just make something to fit in - they make it great, new, and innovative and everyone else follows them. It's expected to have a $499 price tag which is actually a lot cheaper than I was thinking. Not sure if it's something Ill be getting or not. If I go with it, im sure I could recoupe most of the cost by selling my Nokia 9300 on ebay. My big question is whether SSH and VNC are going to be in it's capabilities..... We have a good 6 months to watch and see tho :)

And my little girl, Lisa.... yesterday was the first time she was outside. When I first took her out, she did some flying off my shoulder but of course she can't fly very far so it wasnt a problem. After a few mins I think she realized her surroundings and climbed up on my shoulder and hung out real close to my face..... While it was good for her, I think it scared her a bit too. The cutest thing with her this week was her rapping.... I have been playing the Super Mario Bros theme song for her alot hoping that she will learn it but this week I was listening to ETW which is an old school Christian hip-hop group..... all of a sudden, Lisa started immitating the beat and it was the cutest thing in the world....

Well, I am at the metro station in Vienna waiting for my friend who should be here soon. We're headed to church and then up to Baltimore Harbor to go to the Baltimore Aquarium.... should be a fun day...... and hopefully this will be a better week.... I do have a doctor's appointment on Tuesday which has been a long time coming. Should be an interesting week if nothing else.

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