Saturday, July 29, 2006

So I'm back in VA with my 55 gallon tank.... and I stopped at PetSmart too to buy some of the equipment I need.... Why am I doing salt water? Do I think I'm made of money or something? Heh... Once things are going it'll be great and the upkeep wont be bad.... its just the equipment needed to do this right for saltwater is a bit pricy... Tho I was really happy.... I wanted to get a canister filter which are rather expensive.... I went into petsmart and was just staring at them for a while thinking of whether I should get one or wait.... The one that seemed the best for me was $100 and it was also the cheapest.... But I couldnt afford it really since I had to buy substrate as well.... I just started reading some of the boxes just to see different things about different brands and I pulled out the Fluvall 205 and started reading it and looked up and saw the box behind it was kind of smashed up BUT had a 30% off sticker on it!!!!! So I got the thing for &70 and it does carry a warranty so there is no loss there. That was pretty exciting.... So anyway, I'm going to start cycling some water.... There still are a few more stages that I could do all at once but I need to space it out for cost reasons.... Hopefully in 3 or 4 weeks I'll be buying fish for it.... I'm going to start with tap water but when I do my water changes I'm going to use RO water so that in 6 months or so I can add things like starfish and seahorses and such.... I am pretty excited about this :)

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