Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Haha... So we're on the metro and andrea and I are talking about getting lost in dc and she said she always get lost in this one area. She said she wished she had a map so she could show me and the kid in front of hands her a map. My first thought: this kid is not from around here :) we actually ended up talking for a while and found out that he was from Orlando and it all made sense. One thing I really miss from down there is how friendly everyone is. I remember moving back to PA and thinking how "less nice" people were. I say it that way because Pittsburghers are not mean - they just aren't as nice as floridians. The funny thing is now when I go visit PA I feel like I'm around the nicest people in the world. Of course i'd feel that way because when you put them against northern virgians - well, those who have been here know. But it was really nice having a flashback to the friendlyness of florida.

I hope I don't become a northern virginian in that sense. Its definitely my home now - I just want to remain a nice person and a good person - someone who looks out for others.

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