Saturday, May 13, 2006

Yaknow.... If I said I was happy at this moment, that would be a very large understatement.

So the first thing that happened is I was talking about BBSs in my LUG's IRC channel.... one thing led to another and Im going to start building a telnetable Renegade BBS.... Most of you that read this blog have no clue what I'm talking about but BBSs were popular before the Internet.... they were like local online communities. They were virutally my life back in middle school. Phone lines have gone away and the net has come and telnet may offer the perfect solution. Within a couple of hours I found space to host it, people found software that I needed and also I've come up with some hardware that is needed.... This is a really awesome project for me... something that I think I will have alot of fun with.

Then, I started talking to some more people and I've realized that I am in a group of some really incredible people. There are alot of people in this industry that I closely associate with that really appriciate me and that I really appriciate as well. There are some really great companies I am working with. While I work for MFC, I associate with many other companies as well... Defender Hosting, Pull the Plug, and nLayer. I have never met such an amazing group of people.... people that are absolutely up front and honest... very outstanding people.... not only are they genuinely good people that always treat you right but they are also VERY influential people in this industry.... primarily with routing and backbone/peering/transit. The amount of things that I am learning is incredible and the resources that are at my fingertips are great.... and I'm actually feeling that I bring alot to the table as well. Combine all of this with the association I am making through my church... the things that I am learning from working with my church... all of these things.... It is really great... and I really am happy. Really happy :)

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