Wednesday, May 24, 2006

So my friends surprised me tonight.... Kim, Becca, and Nathan all met me at KFC/Taco Bell and brought a cake and cards and stuff.... it was really really nice.... its been a while since I was able to hang out with them.... and we really had a good time....

Tho there is one thing tho that really bugged me.... Things arent fair sometimes.... and in this case, its the fact that Becca is going back to Brazil in less than 2 weeks.... it really isnt fair... She's such an amazing person and I really enjoy being around her and to be honest, I've never had hugs from anyone like I have from her.. hehe, may sound odd but she really means alot to me.... I think because in some ways we actually think the same way -- whether we realize it or not.

Add to that that Nathan is leaving Northern VA in about a month and that leaves just me and Kim as the "Origional Four" .... Really sad times.

But it was really nice that my friends surprised me like that.... I dont want to take away from the fun that we had... I was expecting to turn 26 without anyone noticing.... but at least someone did.

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