Friday, May 26, 2006

First of all, sorry to anyone I screamed at or cussed out today.... I got some xanax in me now thank God....

But honestly, this day is a test, right? If I don't have a heart attack by the end of the day I pass. I slept in today... Big time. But I needed it big time too. But when I woke up I had 7 IMs, 10 text messages, 3 voice mails, and 30 emails (excluding spam - 10 of those were "important"). Apparently something crashed at the data center and my phone was on silent as well so I felt (and still feel) like a total failure there.

So tonight is when I get everything out of keiths.... Still haven't made it there. Decided to stop at Dulles Town Center to get some food.... Walk in and can't move.... Worse yet, its crowded because its some teen screaming can't-sing-worth-shit idol contest.... So there are about 4675432567544315870 screaming 12 year olds.... That is like instant panic attack. Thankfully there are a few hotties my age around the food court to relax me a little.. Lol.

I do gotta get to keiths and get my stuff and clean up, get to the data center and do some work, get home and organize some (alot) stuff, pack, and drive to PA. Thankfully ill be in PA tomorrow through Memorial Day but I'm sure there will be a workload for me up there as well but it shouldn't be too bad. I need a break.

Until today tho, I never realized how much I did and how much I was relied on. I knew I was busy -- insanely busy -- but I guess I didn't realize how important I am to a lot of people.... And honestly, while I feel like I let a lot of people down, I feel better cause I know I'm worth a little more than I thought. I do know one thing.... I apriciate my new roomies putting up with crap of mine in our living room that I haven't got to sort yet. I'm really happy with the arrangement because I live with guys that are new to the area and, as my friend Jodi put it, have not been "nova-ized" .....

Ok time to eat and start getting stuff done.... Right now I'm guessing ill get to PA around 6am-ish.... Thank God my samurai is ready and legal... I plan on having some fun with that.... My only hope is I get to see Eli sometime.

Again, sorry for those I pissed off..... Everyone have a great holiday weekend.

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