Sunday, May 14, 2006

Today wasnt a bad day.... but the highlight of my day was something that most would see as really nothing at all. That highlight was when Branson (my pastor's 3 year old son) saw me walking by him in the hall and yelled "Hey Bob" and proceeded to tell me about how all of the lights were off in the auditorium and no one can go in there.... we ended up having a conversation about such a thing.... It really made me smile. Kids have such pure hearts.... and honestly, its only the kids that I know will never hurt me.... The same way that I know Eli loves me and I love him....

If we all took a few moments each day to look back at our lives.... and look at where we are and what we do. Jesus said "Let the little children come unto Me" ... and He said that "this is the Kingdom of Heaven" .... but I dont think that those words of our Savior mean much to any of us .. at least not what they are supposed to mean.

For the first time in a long time I went to lunch with Kim and Becca.... and it was nice.... but I just sat there thinking about all of this... then they all started talking about such and such person is really getting close to this person and they might have found their husband/wife.... And of course, I just clammed up and felt that emotional pain of the lonliness that I still feel deep inside of me. Again, I just started thinking.... Where are we now? Why do we have so much pain? Not only do we not look to children for answers like we should, as Jesus directed us, but we dont pay attention to our children at all anymore. I live in an area where its not only the normal thing to not have mom and dad home with the children at all, but it's a required thing almost. Everyone here hires someone to raise their children... The motherly love that God instilled in each woman is all of a sudden not needed and if it shows up, it is only seen as something that takes away from their future. How do we get from children who trust and care without question and love unconditionally to adults where we are against everyone and have no care for humans what-so-ever?

Maybe I'm too traditional? But if hurting others is what is the trend, then I dont want to be trendy. Life is so much more than "getting ahead" ... life is about family and about serving God.... it is about people and not about jobs. Its not about what we own or how much money we have but its about how much we invest into the lives of others. I look at where I am right now with work and I see a group of companies that are going to go far... the reason for that is because they are not affraid to work together. Filling out some forms at the data center is tough for me with some tickets only because I dont know who to put the company name as.... One day I may be doing something for nLayer while the next I'm doing something for MFC... But that is the beauty of it... working together. Its about the people your around. So many companies dont care about their people or the companies next to them. I'm glad to be working with a group of people that span different companies that care not only about their employees but their neighoring company's employees.... its like a family... and that is what is going to get each one of these companies far... and I am happy to be a part of that.

I want to live my life as a child. I want to unconditionally care about people and I want people to know that I will always love them. I am thankful that I was blessed enough to have a mother that didnt forget about her motherly instinct that God gave her. A mother that focused on me and my sisters.... She wasnt perfect but I wouldnt have wanted a perfect mother.... I would have asked for my mom even if I had a choice in the matter. Maybe my parents fought alot.... but beyond that, they knew the importance of family.... My mom cared about me and still does care about me. I love her to death and I always will and I thank God that I have her as my mom.

Today I want to say to all of the mothers, happy mother's day and to ask them all to never hide the instinct that God gave them. It's not about getting a head or having a career... its about raising your children and loving them. It's not wrong to have a job, but it is wrong to put anything other than God above your children. To everyone who is not a mother, I want to say to them to be like children. Live your lives not concerned about anything because you have a Father that is going to meet your needs. Don't be worried about money -- the same as you werent worried about money as a child. Love everyone as if you were that 3 year old child again.

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