Tuesday, May 30, 2006

So, yea - my sammy passed VA emmissions. I didn't do a safety inspection yet so I'm not sure about that yet. I'm sitting at DmV now so this will be a while. It was really was funny at the shell station because the mechanic was so positive it was not gonna pass.... When he came out of the bay he was like "well amazingly it passed" and I asked why he said it like that and whether it was a close call or something and he said he didn't have the readings yet. Later he handed my the paper and WOW.... The co% reading was dead 0 and the limit for hc ppm was 241 and I got 28 and NO ppm limit is 1592 and I got 891.... So shes in good shape emmissions wise.

On a side note, there is apparently a plane crash in leesburg. I wondered what all the traffic was for (even more than typical leesburg traffic) and someone had mentioned a plane crash. I did notice rt15 was closed which is somehat close to the airport. Crazy stuff.

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