Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I decided I'm going to PA tonight.... My stress level is getting too high I think and I need a break.... way too much going on..... just need to get away.... I've been sick all day.... realized that I totally FORGOT about life group last night.... wasnt even a not feeling like I wanted to go... I completely forgot about it... and it didnt even dawn on me until someone asked me today how it was.... Was supposed to go to the doctors today but I ended up over sleeping 6 hours... The unfortunate thing is I'll probably have things that I need to do in PA.... but, well, I guess at least its not as much as is going on down here.... What I really need is to go somewhere other than PA or VA.... just somewhere far away from ALL of this..... even just for a few days.... but I cant afford that.... *sigh* I just really hope that I feel better.... I really feel sick right now :(

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