Sunday, March 13, 2005

Well I got to visit with Tanya and Eli a bit tonight.... it was really nice to see them. Eli is still the cutest little boy. He was happy to see me.... and of course I was happy too. Tanya said when she told him that I was moving to Virginia he said that I was gone forever and that I would never come back.... I'm glad I didnt do that.

I got to talk to Tiff for a while tonight too... It was nice to hear from her.... I just kinda have some things going through my head tho... its like... I dunno... after this week it makes me wonder what the summer is gonna be like.... when she is at home am I even gonna get to talk to her... she says that I certainly will but this week I barely heard from her at all.... so it makes me wonder.... I really wanted to go up and see her tomorrow night when I leave new alex.... just drive up there and spend monday night with her and then drive back home to va tuesday morning.... I mentioned it to her and she pretty much just ignored that I mentioned it.... dunno what that was about..... oh well..... I'm sure I'll see her soon enough.

Well I'm still doing some stuff... wont be going to bed for a while... I think im gonna run to wal mart here in a few..... ttyl

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