Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I woke up today to the ringing of my phone... it was Tiff calling. We had a really good conversation.... and I hung up feeling pretty good... Actually I was feeling really good about today from the time I got up out of bed... but I was still worried about what I was going to do financially.... but God provided... It's hard to face trials like I did the last few days.... There is no doubt that when you take a stand like I did Sunday night, you are going to be attacked. I had no clue that I was to be attacked like I was.... but here I am.. a few days later.... I made it. No porn has touched my computer.... I have been completely ok in all of that stuff.... Satan knew that if he attacked my relationship with Tiff, that would be his best shot of me running back to sexual addictions.... but he failed.... Through the grace of God, I am still clean. After he attacked that and it didnt work, he tried attacking other things... my car... my bank account... just everything.... but with God's help, I stayed strong. Sure, I got down... I felt overwhelmed and was just ready to snap... but the bottom line is I didnt return to that which satan had control over.

Praise God!

I know this isnt over yet... I will have more to face, so please keep me in your prayers... I just want to let everyone know that I am doing ok... I havent fallen again.

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DoOfUs125 said...

Don't let your guard down, like you said he will try to take you down when you least expect it. Don't be discouraged if you do mess up with the porn thing, it's not an easy thing to break, ask any's a thing that alot of guys struggle with.