Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I havent had much time in the last few days to blog..... but alot happened.

I went home monday morning.... it was a very busy morning and afternoon... all kinds of people I had to help... but I think I got everything accomplished... it was really hectic tho. I started the debate of whether I should go skiing or not... I wanted to really bad but was really unsure about the weather..... I eventually decided to go for a few hours. Conditions were suprisingly really good in most areas.... except one.... at this location I decided that its been well over a year since I had even fallen.... I decided that I might as well... and if im gonna do it, I might as well do it right. So this one slope had alot of drifting... and the warm weather turned that to mush.... my skis decided not to go over top of the snow like they should but instead, they went under.... and of course my bindings didnt release.... it hurt... it hurt bad.... I did a few more runs and went home. When I got home I decided that I am going to have to really think before I go home again. Everytime I'm home I get frustrated with something or someone... I can totally understand why Lori likes to just stay at school.... but yea, I was frustrated... felt totally ignored... of course gymnastics became a big subject in the house as usual and I was, of course, left out. I cleaned the fish tanks and watched some tv and went to bed. When I woke up in the morning I couldnt move. I hurt so incredibly bad. I even partially called of because I wasnt sure if I was going to be able to drive back home to VA. I put some ice on my neck and eventually I could move. I decided to drive down anyway.... The night at work didnt go too bad.... then this morning things got really stressful.... I have been fighting with insurance companies and doctors. My new doctor's (NOVA) still hadnt received any information from UPMC (my old doctor). And instead of calling me and telling me that they couldnt do the prior auth for my Adderall because of this, they just didnt bother.... I was ticked. So I call UPMC... they say they sent the records out but they will resend them. I told them to fax the information related to Adderall and they said they dont do that. They said if I had a medical emergency or an appt with my new doctor soon, they could. that really pissed me off. Doesnt the fax machine work unless I have an appt? Come on.... either way I called NOVA back and they said to tell UPMC I had an appt tomorrow. Did so and UPMC had no issues..... so finally I get a chance to go pick up my prescriptions at Target. Target says that the insurance company is denying my claim. So not only have I no authorization for Adderall but now my Zoloft and Tetracycline is sitting at the pharmacy and I'm not allowed to have it. After calling my insurance company, they found an error and fixed it.

So anyway, here I am now ready to start my shift.... Hopefully I'll get to relax this coming weekend.... I really need it.... and im still in a little bit of pain.... but life goes on.

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