Thursday, March 10, 2005

I got a call from my dad on my way into work. He said they are going to help me out but what I wrote on my blog wasnt very nice. I know it wasnt.... and in some ways I feel bad that I wrote it.... in others I dont. I was really hurt.... and maybe this is another past issue coming back to haunt me.... God knows I have alot of them that are hurting every relationship I have right now. Im having a rough time dealing with stuff.... I was able to talk to Tiff for a little bit.... just basically cried to her tho.... she told me everthing was going to be ok.... I sure wish she was here with me right now.... I need her support in my life.

The thing is tho.... this past week really hurt me. I really felt stressed and that everyone was shrugging me off.... Sometimes I feel like everyone is proud of me because I am starting to accomplish things in my life... other times I feel like the black sheep.... and sometimes I feel I'm the black sheep because I'm not into gymnastics... and the horrible thing is, I always get attacked for saying that. So many times Lori has yelled at me for saying stuff like that... my mom has too.... Kari at least is a little more understanding of me.... It just really hurts.... it hurts bad..... I'm sorry what I said sounded rude.... but im not sorry that I needed to vent because I was hurt.

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